Sunday, July 23, 2017

Get daily free recharge credits on ZOTO50

ZOTO App is not new to most people, as some who heard about it use it, while others still are not comfortable with the whole idea.

Now the truth is ZOTO has being a safe means  for all my recharges since this late last year, even though you have to link you ATM debit card to it, it still uses OTP ( One time password) which is amongst the safest ways in the world to permit a transaction via your bank, as some codes are sent to you via SMS to verify you actually want to use a particular service and get charged. Also this codes expire after sometime when you don't input it onto ZOTO or any online service that asks for it.

ZOTO initiated a customer give back promo that is on going , it's called ZOTO 50, all ZOTO users get a chance to get back #100naira daily on any airtime they purchase via ZOTO App and hey it's pretty cool at no extra cost.

So imagine u decide to recharge today, you get it today and when you recharge tomorrow you also get it.

Get ZOTO today by visiting and after downloading the App you get free recharge instantly, also you can directly downloaded the App from  Playstore then while registering enter UKAHVA as your referer.

Be part of ZOTO 50 promo, hurry while the promo is still on...

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