Friday, July 28, 2017

unbelievable how 22 years old Man spends $50,000 to transform into a ‘genderless’ ALIEN

Vinny, who hit headlines earlier this month, appeared on video link from America as he told the This Morning hosts about his extensive plans for the removal of his bellybutton, nipples and genitals in a bid to become a ‘blank canvas.’

Explaining the bizarre lifestyle, Vinny said: ‘I didn’t like people labelling me, some people came up to me and said “you’re kind of like a Martian” and I thought I’d use that negativity and go with it and now I’ve adopted this whole alien vibe.’

Vinny, who has spent thousands of pounds on cheek fillers and Botox in a bid to look otherworldly, soon acted as televisual Marmite for viewers – with a mixture of criticism and praise for his unusual lifestyle.

Slamming Vinny, one user wrote on Twitter: ‘Wow, just when I thought #ThisMorning couldn’t get any worse, they have some person who wants to be a sexless alien. I’m glad I work these days.’

But largely, people were pretty accepting of Vinny’s way of life.

‘How could you not love the alien dude’, one user said.

Others, however, were hoping he wouldn’t regret his plans to become entirely sexless…

#thismorning So what could come next after getting your knob removed. Uranus?

This is how he actually looks before all this surgeries

At the end, if he becomes sexless what happens when it dawns on him that he is actually a Human ?

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